Law of attraction

I truly believe that with the power of thought we can accomplish almost anything. In fact, it has been proved over and over again, through out time. It is all in the mind.

In the book and movie “The Secret” famous authors and psychologists use science and true stories to prove the fact that the energy that you radiate to the universe is the reality that you will see. And when you put all your energy and focus on something that you want, forces of nature will make it happen. How else can you explain the success of world champions, mountain climbers, and true adventurers? They are normal people that set their mind on something and as a famous marketing slogan state, just do it.

In the movie they use pretty random examples, like if you think your car is going to get stolen; it will be gone when you get back from the store. Now, this is not the way this message should be interpreted, but rather think of the energy that you create when you think bad thoughts or worry or stress. What is so tricky is that instead of focusing on what we want, we think of what we DON’T want and since the universe can not tell the difference you will have bad results on you wish list.

Where energy flows, attention goes

Feeling positive

The term “think positive” has been worn out and I would like to rename it by saying “feel positive”. This is very interesting and can be explained on many different levels, but every word we say has an effect on our emotions and creates energy within us that can be positive or negative. (maybe some words are neutral too)

A clear example in the movie and something to keep in mind when you choose your words are the anti-terms we use. When you say “I am anti war” that consists of two negative words, even thought it is meant as something positive. Say “I am pro peace” out load and feel how much powerful that combination is! There are studies that show how much more of your brain capacity you use when you think (or feel) a positive thought and how much more likely you are to focus on the solutions rather than the problem.

If there is something I know, it is that feelings are always right. I have been known to think a lot and when seeking advice from my old room-mate she would say; “don’t think, just feel”. All the answers are within us already.

So if you want to “feel positive” what do you need to do? Well, first of all, it’s a feeling so it has to come from within right? So stop looking around for happiness. Instead, focus on what you have and carry with you at all times, both good and bad. Something you can never detach from. Something that you will literally have to live with for the rest of your life…


And since you are going to spend your life with yourself, you want to make sure you are quite a decent person to hang out with. You need to be a good buddy to your soul. What makes your soul feel good? What reaction do you get in your soul when a feeling is overwhelming and wonderful? We call it appreciation. No matter if you are rich or poor, we all have something to be be grateful for. Being alive. We are all winners.

Love the fact that you have two legs that can carry you anywhere, or two hands that can touch, or eyes that make you see and then move on to every tiny freckle on your body and realize how unique you are. I know first handed how easy it is to criticize oneself. I have spent way too many hours in front of the mirror hating flaws (according to modern western beauty magazine’s standards) of my body and hoping for them to go away. But they don’t. And truth is, those parts are what identify me. Accept who you are you have come a long way.

Next is to realize what is real and not. If your life would change tomorrow and you would loose one of your senses, would you have realized how amazing it was to see a snowfall or taste summer’s first strawberry? If you would loose the people that have lived by your side, would they have known how grateful you were to know them? What things around you are irreplaceable?

When you are true to yourself, you make the right choices. When you love yourself, you will be loved by others. When you are surrounded by love, you will have enough to spare and the world will become more peaceful.

When you are convinced that you have all the potentials to experience a wonderful life, you will.