If my life was a musical

I think if everyone was singing instead of talking and dancing instead of walking, we would all be happier people and the world would be a better place. I mean, look how beautiful and easy life is in musicals (Moulin Rouge is one of my favourite movies)

It’s not hard to imagine your life as a musical actually. You have your life’s rhythm, the traveling soundtracks, the day tunes, the night vibe, the love songs, the sing alongs and at occasions, the heartbreak endings. Sometimes you are rocking and rolling and when everything is just perfect and there is no need for sound, you smile.

Right now, in my headphones; Maia Hirasawa’s “And I found this boy” .

Suddenly my bare feet are tip tapping this office fitted carpet floor and it’s almost as if the screen is smirking at me, thinking yes, you are one chica loca, but if my life was a musical, I would jump up on my desk and all the computers would join hands (or cords) and Bella Lorena would be swinging the concrete poles and pop the pink balloons one by one until the whole rooms was covered in confetti and we would spin around laughing and the windows would open to cape town city bowl and all of our happiness would warm the poor man’s hands and shed light onto his face.

Or me and Lorena could be sitting here in an empty 7th floor office, answering e-mails and issueing flight tickets.

But there’s a tune to match that too.