Men are from Mars

Me and the girls were drinking bag in box rosé in the High Cape bedroom yesterday and being really girly, trying out accessories and fixing each others hair. It could have been a scene out of a high school chick flick. The given subject was men and all these form of relationships we have with them. Here we are, a group of Swedish single girls in Africa without a worry in the world and way to flirty faces.

One had a South African play mate for a while, but he wasn’t really familiar with the Swedish past time leisure game so he was reading too much into it and she just wanted to have fun but there were all these misunderstandings and cultural differences along the way. She is a strong girl but we are all delicate when it comes to the opposite sex. One night after a few glasses of wine she had a moment of clarity and decided to drop this guy so she loudly declared that she was going to ERASE his number from her phone.

– Look, she said, I’m gonna press DELETE now!

– Good! I replied. GO GIRL!

And then she added;

-I’m just gonna write his number down on a piece of paper first, just in case…

Another girl just came back from Sweden where she finally had a rendezvous with the man that makes her heart skip a beat when his name appears in big orange alert letters on the MSN screen. There she was in his arms again, but only for a moment. Then the moment was gone. Will they dare to take the step forward or are all these unspoken words just destined to be crammed inside their troubled minds forever?

After months of anxiety and nervousness, one of the girls finally heard herself speak the words that had been haunting her for so long, in his Stockholm apartment’s hallway. “I’m not in love with you anymore”.

Big stone off her shoulders. A lighter version of herself returned to Cape Town.

So there we are in the girly bedroom with pink curtains, discussing men, boys, the latest hook up, sex and soul mates. We agreed that we deserved the absolute best and that everything would be so much easier if we would all just say what’s on our minds (except at 3 o’clock in the morning. At that time there should be a breathalyzer on the cell phone). But since men are from Mars, they probably wouldn’t understand our language anyway.