Another good day in Cape

Today – like all other days, was a good day. And yes, my back is killing me with every breath, but what can I do? Hold my breath? Not for long. No, I actually woke up (in the same position in which I fell asleep) feeling quite content. And since I have the mattress on the floor, it just so happen that the rays of the morning sun hit me straight in the face.

So, I went up and made myself some coffee and two crisp bread sandwiches. One with boiled egg and Kalles randiga Kaviar (yes, need to stock up on some more while in Sweden) and one with avocado and flakes of herbal salt. Later on the door bell rang and it was Maria that came to check on me. A few minutes later Lorena knocked on the bathroom back door (she lives down stairs and we share back yard) and she brought Nutella and cookies. So I had a second cup of coffee with the girls and we chatted a long to some good old Beatles music, making plans for the hippie party.

Speaking of which, we needed costumes. So we went to a costume rental and man, was that a blast (from the past hihi) It was absolutely hilarious but murdering my back, since it stabbed me every time I laughed! Lorena and Maria rented some stuff, but I realized I have spent all my months’ salary already in two weeks (on gifts, so you better appreciate them!) so I will have to do with what I have in my wardrobe. There will surely be some pics up here soon.

Having our outfits packed in pink “Mardi Gras” bags, we continued to Jardine Bakery for some delicious freshly made sandwiches. My veggie version on sour bread had ricotta, grilled aubergine, sundried tomato and rocket. It was so good. The girls went to work after that and I stopped by the African Music Store and then to Andiamo Deli for more gifts. In my family we are always interested in other countries food culture, so choosing a gift for mom and dad is easy.

It was a beautiful day – like most days in Cape Town, and the perfect temperature. Warm enough to wear flip flops but still a slight breeze. Reminding me that there will be a lot more of these days when I come back at the end of September. It will be spring time!

I continued to walk to the Waterfront and strolled around the tourist shops and on the piers, listening to my Ipod and sipping on a caffè mocha. Then I took a Rikki (shared taxi) home.

Made dinner for me and Sophie. Oven grilled chicken filet with garlic and herbs and feta cheese salad. And a glass of red wine. She went out now to have a drink at Waiting Room with some of the others, but my plan is to sink into a warm bath with another glass of red.

I’m happy to go home to see my friends and family, but even more so, because I know Cape Town will greet me with her warm rays of sun when I return.

Lorena outside our block

Lorena outside our block. Picture is taken at 7 in the morning, waiting to be picked up for work