My Swedish holiday

I arrived in Cape Town late last night. My luggage didn’t because someone had forgotten to load the bags in Amsterdam so right now, somewhere on Schiphol Airport there is a lonely black suitcase packed with Kalles Kaviar, Marabou chocolate and mom’s lingonberry jam. It should arrive with the next flight today, so it’s not such a big deal. I took a taxi into the city and got an update on the SA political situation and when I got home a short update from my room mate on the Travelstart social situation. Then I ran down the back yard stairs to knock on Lorena’s window. I’ve missed her so much and the chatting and the hugging never wanted to stop though we were both exhausted. It turns out she had a wild night in Cape Town on Friday just as I was out drinking champagne on a terrace in Stockholm three hours before I had to catch the flight.

How could I sum up my Swedish vacation? They say pictures speak louder than words, so here goes:

Stockholm (ok, I admit it, this picture is taken from a hot air ballon flight a few years ago. I had cloudy grey skies for 13 days)

I went to see my Italian teacher for some lovely red wine and cheese platter, some cuddling with the cat, conversations about life and good old times. He is a very dear friend of mine!

My cat outside my door. My dad put the horse shoe up as a sign of good luck when we moved in 26 years ago. It worked.

Smultron - preciousness

Swedish winter apples. Apples do not get better than this.

Trattkantareller - fresh from the forest

My mother who is the best chef I will ever come across. What would I know about good food if it was not for her?

Toast Skagen starter on my birthday dinner with my family! We ate for 3 hours! Dad made me a blueberry ice-cream cheese cake since he knew how much I missed blueberries!

Me and Ida

Britta surprised me with a birthday cake!

Me and George in Stockholm


Stockholm Old Town

Rush hour in Stockholm

Picnic in Humlegården with Moa, Britta and Lito that are coming to visit me in Cape Town!

Cray fish party with some of my best friends. Delicious!

I haven't laughed that much in one evening in a looong time.

Coldplay. What can I say? Amazing. Lights. Love. Confetti rain. Happiness. When they ran up to the crowd and played The Scientist which is my absolute favourite song and the whole arena was lit up like stars from cell phones and digital cameras, I cried. And then I smiled again.

Viva La Vida! I do agree!

This is of course only a selection of the people I saw and things that I did, but all in all, I had a wonderful time and a good mix of fresh nature, good food, family – and city life. Even a night out on Stureplan in the so called “up market” area of Stockholm. I guess I needed that to confirm that I have no business in Stockholm right now. All I could think of was how great it would be to see the Cape Town sunset and share three bottles of wine with my friends and colleagues to the same price as I was paying to look fancy around the bar with a glass in my hand at this place. I knew I was ready to go back.