For Bon Iver

I’m not supposed to write this right now. I’m at work and should focus on e-mails and bookings and worse yet, the stats they keep on me.

But I did something I shouldn’t have. I put on Bon Ivers album“For Emma, Forever Ago” something I picked up while I was in Sweden. And my whole world changed with the first strike of his guitar.

I became a bird and I flew out this office. Can a bird’s heart ache? I flew as high as this music could carry me. I was on top of a mountain, looking up, looking down. Can birds cry? I saw the waves die beneath me, but be reborn again. I became the wind and drifted…I was at a show. I fell in love with this shaggy bearded young man with a simple guitar. I wanted to tell him how amazing he was, but the words got stuck in my throat. I smiled. Birds do smile when they dance.

Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) wrote and recorded a majority of the songs on this album (which was actually released a year ago) while spending four months in a remote cabin in Wisconsin. Listening to the music, I can hear the wind that moaned outside his window and see the sunshine that reflected on the glistening snow.


Good music brings you to places. For a few minutes I forgot I was sitting at an office desk at 6.45 pm on a random Wednesday evening.

Bon Iver on MySpace