Rays of light

In the supermarket we rush around in circles. Our minds on the dinner we need to prepare, on prices that have gone up, on bills that should have been paid. We gently feel and select each apple, but we don’t dare to touch a friend.

At the gym we raise the speed on the treadmill as if it would bring us faster to our goal. We lift heavier weights for the sake of feeling invulnerable. On the stepping machine we are trying to reach higher, but we find ourselves at the same spot.

In the office we make check-lists to remember what we soon will forget. Instead, we forget what we should learn to remember. It is there in front of us all the time, but with the buzz of computers and ringing telephones, we blind our senses and deafen our souls. And we become machines.

We walk on streets, but never face each others eyes. We commute but never communicate. We dance on the same dance floor, but we rub no shoulders. We open our wallets, but not our hearts. What we forgot to remember to write on the list is drowned in the buzz of our egos and the ringing of our fear.

We are all just looking for love.

P.S. To those who dare to prove it. Thank you.