Rocking the Daisies

Friday night. My neighbour is vacuum cleaning.

The window is open. Spring is finally here! We are expecting 27 degrees tomorrow.

I am having a toasted sandwich with sliced fresh strawberries, rocket, brie cheese and balsamic vinegar. It is a match made in heaven.

It has been a long tiring week. Finally, a moment to catch up with myself.

Hello me. How am I doing? Wonderfully worn-out.

Dissolving the dazzle from last weekend.

It was amazing.

Rocking the Daisies is an eco-friendly music festival, held in Darling, at Cloof Wine Estate. The setting is absolutely beautiful. Protected by the mountains lies this green valley where daisies grow and music flourish, nurturing new and old friendships.

The weekend started super sweet with Chris and Lorena surprising me with a late birthday gift! It was a giant box with colourful ribbons, flowers and fresh lime. They had also written a lovely card. They wanted to wait until the Daises since the theme of the gift was music. There was my ticket + these really cool portable speakers + new headphones + a jar of candy hearts. I melted of appreciation and got even more excited about the weekend that lay ahead of us.

We packed up the car with our gum-boots, a (broken) tent and cooler boxes of beer and rolled out of town. We were lucky to arrive early to the location as the queue grew longer and longer behind us. At 22 o’clock the line of sound asleep cars reached three kilometres up the road. We heard people that had been waiting for three hours abandoned their cars and walked to the camping. By that time, me, Lorena and Chris had already been partying for 8 hours and the last performers for the night were playing at the main stage.

In time we reunited with our friends; Sara, Lotta, Paul and James and before the weekend was over we had all gotten our gum-boots muddy dancing to funky Balkan house, silly jive remixes and psychedelic trance until 5 o’clock in the mornings. The starry skies were mind blowing and the early spring air was fresh. We were exhausted but happy when we crawled up in the car for a few hours sleep. On the ride home, we watched the sun set over the hills of Darling, as we moved towards the city’s Table Mountain silhouette.

The artists performing at the festival were from South Africa or neighbouring countries. The main act was Eagle Eye Cherry. Ironically from Sweden. We were surprised by this choice of performer. Although, he is a cool singer he really hasn’t released anything exciting for 6-7 years. Me and Lorena actually went to the car to sleep for an hour when he played.

Some of the good stuff though:

Goldfish – South Africa’s coolest instrumental house

Alan Funk – My neighbour plays in this band. Afro-funky beats.

ETC Crew – Awesome Hip Hop performance!

340ml – From Mozambique, settled sexy jazzy lounge

Mama Know Nothing – I’ve seen these cool chicks many times. Also called Black Betty.

Hot Water – I love their African bongo-flute-jazzy-vibe

Tidal Waves – South African Reggae

Napalma – Africa meets Brazil

Farryl Purkiss – Durban’s most handsome singer songwriter. Just came back from an Oz tour with Jack Johnson, Ben Lee and Missy Higgins.