One of my absolute favourite places, since I was little, has been book shops. Actually, book shops and art stores. Anything with letters, paper and pens and I can spend hours looking, strolling, picking, flipping, reading, wondering.

Libraries are also a sacred place to me. It’s almost as if all the words and knowledge of the books murmur in the walls. Maybe it is because libraries are such quiet places, but you can almost hear the whispers of past poets and historians.

I had one of those days recently, when time was on my side. I had the whole morning to myself. Doing what I do best.

Wandering. Wondering.

I found a little second hand book shop behind St George’s cathedral. I bought an inspiring book about a woman with MS Multiple Sclerosis. It’s called “Get out of my way. I’m dancing”. Like that, I knew I would love it.

I went to lie in the green grass of Company’s Garden to read. I had a delicious sandwich (of which I gave half to a home less person – that’s Cape Town right there) I made some marks in my book, on chapters or phrases that were particularly valuable to me. I felt the warmth of the morning sun in my face. I saw the signs of spring in the trees and people’s faces. And I thought about how great of a gift communication is.

When words, thoughts and feelings blend together with all the beauty around, the message is unmistakable.

I always have a few books on the roll at the same time. That way I can choose the right book for the state I’m in. Or maybe, I become the state of which the books I read…

At the moment, I can tell you. I am in deep…