It’s about time

I fell for this hourglass in an artshop the other day. The text really spoke to me:

“Don’t count every hour of the day, make every hour count”

Isn’t time the most mind wrecking thing? Think about all our perceptions of time. How one minute can be so long, but another hour so short? Or how 10 years can go by before you see an old friend and when you do, it feels as if time has stood still. Different times, in different times of the world. Times that are a changing. Good times. Bad times. 24 hour open stores, still we never seem to have enough time. 13 billion years since the Big Bang. 20 minutes since I started writing this blog post. How our bodies grow old. Life cycles. How our memory allows us to go back in time, or even into the future (called dreams). The rotation of the sun that gives us day and night. Time as a relating actuality to experience the moment. Ongoing, never ending, always remaining. In our minds.

“If I could I would and if I should, I will. Time will be our friend in the end and all our hopes and dreams will come true”. JC