La famiglia

I don’t know why I have been writing so much about my family lately. Somehow, being away from them, has brought me closer to them.

I just spoke to my mother. She was cooking – as usual. Preparing a Janssons frestelse with beetroots and home made crisp bread for my dad that was in town for a meeting. Funny, they have been divorced 22 years. I wonder if they recognize that. I wonder if they see glimpses of old times in each others eyes. Or if time really does change people.

My brother took a minute to talk to me, although he was on the run – as usual. He said we should keep in contact on Facebook. I was just happy to hear his voice.

My dad was bringing photos of Cape Town to show my mom, since she is coming to Cape Town in February

At the moment, my “extra” grandmother, Ursula, is here to visit me.


We are having a nice time together, but I feel a little guilty not having more time for her since I am working. I hope she is happy though. It was really cool of her to come alone (she is 72 years old) but then again, she is strong and in perfect health. She is smart and I love our little talks. One night we were sitting at a restaurant and she shook her head, saying; Ain’t life strange? I wondered for a second what my life would be like 50 years from now. Will I be sitting with my grand daughter somewhere in the world, telling her my stories and perspectives on things?

Yes, life is strange. And beautiful.

Ursula leaves on Sunday. A few hours later, four of my friends are arriving.

I am so lucky to have these people come visit me. To come all this way.

Britta is one of the first new girlfriends I made when I moved to Stockholm. I started working at the local supermarket and will never forget this tall dark haired, natural looking girl that greeted me with a smile when she realized we come from the same region. We must hang out, she said. And we did. For the last 8 years she has been one of my closest friends.

She is coming with two other of our girlfriends, Moa and Andrea, that I have also met working in the supermarkets. I was the fruit-and vegetable manager and would sneak them slices of watermelon or have them come try some funny looking, exotic fruit. We would all fool around behind the scenes.

Britta is also bringing her boyfriend, Lito. Wonderful fella. Quite a new relationship but I have known him for a few years. I am so happy to reunite with these four people, in the town of the Cape.

Also, I am happy to introduce them to my other friends. The people that i share my laughter, my tears, my days, my nights, my deep thoughts and my coctail straws with.

This year, I will be celebrating Christmas with another type of family. A family of friends. But they are both just as great.