It’s about energy

I was writing this blog post all day yesterday.

It started in the morning….

I usually wake up by myself quite early. I am usually wide awake within a minute and ready to face the new day.

But this morning I woke up later than usual. It was past 9. And my energy level was so low. I dragged myself to the bathroom, stumbling over all my stuff that was spread out on the floor, giving out a quiet f**k, trying not to wake up my friends that were sleeping still in my living room.

Since I was off this day the plan was to go to the gym in the morning, meet up with Lorena at her lunch break, organize the visa for Mozambique quickly and then head out to the beach.

It was the most wonderful day. But I had no energy.

First change of plan. No gym. I went for a cold shower instead.

When I came out of the bathroom my four friends were in the their beach outfits, setting up a breakfast buffet of oat meal with fresh banana and blueberries, toasted avo sandwiches and tea with honey. They were laughing and playing. How could I not smile?

My energy level went up with a thousand.

Came to the office to get the visa sorted, finally. Took copies of my passport and brought everything to the Mozambican consulate. The office was small and the air was dense. A light buzz from the air con was the only sound. Me and Lorena started filling in the forms.

I could feel my energy getting drained out of me.

When we came up to the counter it was 2 minutes before closing time and the lady behind the desk couldn’t have cared less about us, but she informed us we only needed to go a bank down at the street and pay for a visa application, bring the receipt back and we could collect our visas between 3-4. Great, we thought! Easy peasy. When handing everything in though, I realized I had forgotten my passport in the copy machine. DOH! I couldn’t hand mine in. Lorena gave away her stuff. I was feeling a little bummed but oh well, I thought, we could still go to the bank and pay and I could just finish this the next day.

Before we could pay for the visas we needed to collect our own and our colleagues salaries. So we did like we always do: went to the bank, queued up and gave them our checks.

– Can I see your passports please? the lady asked.

F**k. Lorena’s was at the consulate and mine in the copy machine. We had to head up to the office again to get mine.

My energy level was down to zero.

– I need a coffee, I said to Lorena (realizing that I never had one in the morning)vidalogo

Entering Vida e Caffé on the corner at Green Market Square is like entering another world. The world of intense coffee aroma, red, red colors, flashy green t-shirts, black, friendly faces, white glistening smiles. The baristas are laughing and shouting!

– Oah, here comes Charlies angels! I looked at Lorena and she was smiling and giggling.

I was filled up with energy.

Went to get my passport from the copy machine. Went back to the bank. Waited in line. Got up to the counter.

– Sorry, ma’am, we can not give you money for more than one check.

– Ok, I said a bit grumpy. Just give me mine.

While waiting for 30 minutes I thought about the energy inside the bank office…

There was an acceptant atmosphere. Wait-and-see-looks on people’s faces. Everything was quiet, bright and clean. Big guards in security uniforms were standing outside and surveillance cameras were watching our every move. There was a young girl, around 5 years old, that was crawling on the floor, dancing and playing with her hair band. I thought about how different the energy would be if we were all playing on the floor while we waited for our money. I smiled.

When I had received my money I went to the other bank. The one to pay for the visas. There, there was long twining queue all the way outside the bank. Noway, I thought. I had already spent 3 hrs on this mission.

The day was still wonderful. And I had spent too much of it already.

A little bit bummed I decided to head home. Should I go sit in the back yard for some after noon sun? I had a weird feeling of restlessness, stress and laziness. I felt low on energy. I remembered that I hadn’t eaten. I went into a sushi place and asked for a hand roll to go.

– And a fortune cookie, I heard myself say.

Follow your heart and you will find happiness.

I smiled and felt a rush of excitement. Change of plans. I need to go to the gym, I thought.

Had a great workout and ran for an hour, sweating the stress away. It was almost 5 o’clock and the sun was so strong. There would be a beautiful sunset. I thought about my friends and decided it was the perfect evening for a picnic on Signal Hill. I had just enough money to buy a big piece of Brie, strawberries, crackers, mixed nuts and box wine. We reunited at home and took a taxi to the top. The evening was amazing and the sunset too, setting fire on the sky. We were cheering, laughing, singing and making funny poses. All my worries were swept away by the pink clouds.

It was a magical night. The stars came out like diamonds spread out on blue silk. Behind us was the backdrop of Table Mountain and Lions Head and in front of us, endless ocean. We lay down quiet, listening to the sound of acoustic guitars. Breathing the moment.

img_1447The energy was glowing around us.

– Can you be this happy? Lito asked.

– Everyday. I said.

The evening finished at Asoka’s terrace with Jazz and Mojitos. We were comfortable and in the company of good friends. And then we started yawning. It was time to go to bed.

There is only enough energy to last through a wonderful day.