Keep it loose, keep it tight

Funny, I made a list this morning on what to feel today…

And I can tell you. Yes, I felt it all. And more.

I had one of those drifting days, where I just let the wind carry me around.

It brought me to the Waterfront, a big shopping complex down at the harbour. I’m not very fond of the area since it’s so …touristy, but I felt I deserved to buy a new dress for Mozambique. After all, I haven’t done almost any shopping at all since I came to Cape Town.

At one of the traffic lights, or robots as you say in South Africa, I heard a very British accent (Liverpool – gotta love it)

– Excuuuuse me, could you tell me how to get to the Waterfront?

A small, healthy looking woman with pink eye shadow and lively green eyes had turned to me. I told her I was going the same way and offered her to walk with me. She told me she had just arrived from the Middle East where she was living…and then about why she was in Cape Town…and about two Swedish girls she met when travelling in Australia…and New Zealand…and Fiji, and the US and Europe…well, basically she had spent the last 20 years on the roads.

We ended up having a coffee and continued on our life stories. We talked about the “nice” guys and the guys that sweep you off your feet. The ones that make you wait six years and make you pack your suitcase, your heart and pride, and go to cities where your paths might cross. And even if they don’t, you have pictured the scenario so many times, it feels as they have. The guy that makes your heart skip a beat and make your insides turn when you see his name. She showed me a card she had bought for him with the most beautiful writing on it. I could only sigh and nod in recognition.

– A real man knows how to keep you in a leash, she said. He keeps it loose enough so you can have your freedom. But he is bold enough to know when to pull you back.

We separated in understanding and I promised to send her a copy of a book and to follow my heart. I just hope she gets pulled back into his.