diamonds scattered over blue velvet skies

I look up to find you naked, your body entwined in mine

warm eastern winds roll the dice, the ocean comes alive

bare feet, come hold my toes

the universe unfolds

so light

we fly off, into the night

diamonds sparkling in the water now

I look down to find myself glowing, you take a bow

amazing you say, come hold my hand

angel feathers caress a sun swept face

we leave no trace

so much light

we are illuminated, we celebrate tonight

witnessing dhow on a drift, a forlorn sail

how many nights of this kind, come about

how many shooting stars go by, a never mind

astrologic they say, but where is the logic, in a tale

an amber moon is rising to our defence

we wave goodbye, we say hello

sand dunes, our toes let go, we flow, we glow…

so much light

we are illuminated, we are, the night

waves move forward a leap

a journey, along the coast of Moçambique

with the blink of an eyelash, we memorize this moment

I compose this for you now

amongst the stars,

you will find me somehow