Carping the Diem

Looking back at a random day in my life I realize how many moments there are of complete, slightly taken for granted HAPPINESS.

Most days I wake up from sunshine in my room. A run in with a friend usually turns into a whole reunion at Daily Deli. And with the backdrop of the cloud swept mountains, we can chat hours away on subjects like dreams, life and relationships.

Maria will giggle and speculate about what she really wants in life. Lorena will be saying “seriously” a thousand times and throw out funny sayings which I make a mental note to remember. Chris will be ultimately stoked about the sun or the coming event, or basically anything.

He and I will squabble about something meaningless that we probably agree on anyway. He and Tess might announce that they are probably taking the business and their means to Thailand or that they are getting closer to buying a piece of self-sufficient land in Mozambique. Paul will think that he is going to New York in a couple of days, but will soon remember that he can’t afford it. When we are about to leave he will probably have forgotten where he parked his car and when he does remember where the car is, he will most likely be missing the keys...gotta love my friends!

After breakfast we may decide to go for a picnic after which planning the picnic basket turns into a whole mission of not going over board with delicacies. Half the day has usually gone by when we are finally on our way somewhere. There are outdoor events most days somewhere around Cape and we are all huge music fans so there is a high possibility that we end up bare foot dancing to a local rock or reggae band, wine glasses or beers usually in our hands.

If there is a beautiful sunset coming we don’t often miss it, so Signal Hill is high on the list or sushi at the Wakame terrace. Lorena and Marie’s place is in danger zone for a house warming party, but Freddie and Maria’s place offers the best balcony view.

More conversations, more drinks, lots of smoking and hours later, we are most definitely revelling down Long Street and most likely banging on the dance floor at Zula. We probably loose Chris somewhere in the haze and I will probably get robbed off my cell phone so that no one can reach me but a shawarma or boers worst from the local food stand later,I am happy and heading home.

And most likely, if Lorena is awake we will have a coffee and a spoon of Nutella together in her kitchen, unravelling the events of the evening, before we hug each other goodnight and agree on the fact that our lives are fucking amazing.