Commit to the wave

When many people tell you the same thing you start to believe it, right? And when you start to believe it you start to tell yourself that it is possible and true…right? But when it all seems too good to be true…what do you believe is possible?

Do you commit or do you cease to begin?

In my perfect world (now pay attention) we would all walk around in harmony, showing each other respect and love. Nature would be clean and blossoming and each thing would have it’s natural way. We would be one with the Universe and it’s laws and therefore, trust the meanings, the comings and goings. All for the sake of a Greater Self.

I would believe in unconditional love, and therefore I would never be jealous or in need of anything. I would know that each living creature is equal and therefore I would feel no need to compete. I would be flawless, in my imperfection.

I would believe in destiny beyond myself and with that, my fate would be established. I would trust myself to know all I need to know, to make the right decisions, at the present time. I wouldn’t have to think. I would feel my ways.

When living in my perfect world, I would never doubt my abilities. I would never be less, than what I knew I already am.

Now, let me remind myself again, what it is I need to do.