Read me

I went to a psychic*. Now, a feeling of excitement, reassurance and a slight anxiety is rushing through me.

Is she right?

Is this the only truth?

Can I change this or is there a so called destiny?

It was very inspiring though and I can assure you, there is nothing to be afraid of. I am confident that there are powers beyond what we see. In fact, I think the eye is only a tool to collect and distinguish information of our surroundings.

But that the real guidance is within us.

(I know, my old friends and family members are shaking their head thinking I’m in deep now…but I do not care what you think of me (anymore). Only what you think of yourselves)

So. What happened?

I got up to her table and sat down. There was a lot of warm energy flowing that I couldn’t decide if it was the room it self or hers and my energy fields moving. Maybe both. She started asking questions – and giving answers. Sometimes both. She laughed nicely and told me I do not like my present job at the travel agency. It is not what I am supposed to do (I had kinda figured this one out already) But she said she can see a lot of travelling in my life. That my sprit is very light and free.

– You got both feet solidly on the ground. But you are flying! she said. In the office, you are like a bird in a cage (that’s exactly it!)

She told me I have moved around for many years now (no one can disagree) and will continue to do this for some time. And that I have to go to Peru.

– Peru. Ancient places.

Who hasn’t thought about going to Peru and Machu Picchu? Especially after reading “The Celestine Prophesy”. It felt almost clichΓ©. Until she said:

– Or Mexico.

Yes, there was talk about Mexico and Costa Rica

There. I would meet him. Tall, slim and dark haired (add some beard and a hat to that and you more or less have my average type of guy). We would travel together. Yes, we would make it into a life style. She couldn’t see me living in Sweden, but that I would go home for extended visits. She couldn’t really say where I would have my base either. She saw me living in a secluded community for a while and that I have a tendency to go away from the crowd. That I need a lot of space.

– And you don’t feel done with South Africa, she said.

Back to this dark haired man. We were not soul mates, but soul travellers or something. And we would find peace in each other. Live freely, like we both need to. And we would open a business together that would take us to great heights (funny she would use that expression…)

– You write, she said.

I nodded my head with a smile

– See, that’s what you need to do! Travel and write. All your emotions, nothing but heart. And illustrate, she said. She saw lots of books. Real travelling books.

She said I have a yellow brick open road infront of me with almost no bumps.

– But that is because of your outlook on life, she said through a smirk.

She talked about my family. That I am friends with my parents (yes, we do have that kind of relationship)

– And you have a brother.

This is when I got tears in my eyes. And it didn’t really help when she said that my big brother is missing me a lot (I never told her he is older) and that he can’t wait for me to come home. He is feeling lost and hurt. She said there is a girl that is playing with him (what do I know) And that my brother and I should do a trip together.

3 children, I would have, apparently.

– And the little boy will be an angel that will have you wrapped around his little finger. (hey, who is not wrapped around their children’s fingers)

It was only a 30 minutes session and I had so many questions that I wanted answered. Or did I really? I am confident enough to trust whatever happens, happens for a reason, and even that reason, has millions of other reasons to it.

No matter how you twist and turn things, there will never be a starting point – or an ending.

There is always something good in what may seem bad. A way around a closed door. A dash of insanity in a brilliant idea. Brilliancy in what seems broken. Two sides to a coin. As many answers as there are minds asking the questions. As many outcomes as there are inputs.

As far as destiny goes, I believe what she told me, is a sum of all things happening around and inside me, simultaneously.

And that images that have taken form in thought, will exist, even if only in an alternative future.

* medium, fortune teller, person that sees things, clairvoyant, spiritualist, mind reader, messenger, a gifted person or simply someone that dares to open up to the unknown.