Organization day

My (open) plan was to go catch the train to Muizenberg after work yesterday. Stay over at my buddies’ house and then spend today in Kalk Bay, chill out at Olympia Café, check out what’s new at the Modern Art Gallery and stroll around the book shops. But, as often around here, there was a change of plans. I went to the gym after work. Thought I would take the train this morning instead.

I woke up early, as always. This has got nothing to do with anything but the first thought I had this morning, really loud in my head, was “8.14”. I reached for the cell phone and saw the display: 8.15. Weird.

Anyway, I started organizing stuff around the house. And I fell into organization mode. That is when I organize, re-arrange, systemize, clean up and throw away as much as possible.

Looked through my calendar. Made lists of things To Do when my mom comes. And lists To Do before I go. I went through my cupboards. My wardrobe, shelves and drawers (realizing I should ship some stuff home). My toilet bag, my make up, my shampoos and lotions. Washed my bras, went through my underwear. Cleaned out the fridge. Defrosted the freezer (!) Started organizing the music on my computer. And the harddrive. And the pictures. I recharged the batteries of my camera. Changed music on my Ipod. Cleared my inbox from old e-mails. I detangled all cords I could find. When I couldn’t find anything more to clean, I cleaned myself, nails, brows, the works.

Now I am sitting here clean as a baby in paradise and wondering what to do next. Go to Kalk Bay?