The best salad in the world

This is possibly the best salad in the world (and I have had that reviewed from a person who knows what he is talking about 😉 Remember where you saw it first!

It has peppery flavours from the rocket, sweetness from the strawberries, tangy and piquant peppadews, salt and crust from the fried halloumi, freshness from the lime/ lemon and rich flavours from the olives.

Put crispy lettuce and rocket on a plate or in a bowl

Toss with (lemon infused) olive oil and a fruity- or white balsamic vinegar

Fry slices of halloumi cheese in olive oil until coloured and crispy

Let them cool down a bit and lay them over the salad together with:

Thin rings of red onion

Big chunky green olives (need to be good ones)

Slices of fresh strawberries

Small bits of peppadew*

Cut small bits of rocket or herbs and sprinkle on top

Serve with a slice of lemon or lime

No need for salt or pepper

* pickled, sweet, tangy peppers, similar to cherry tomatoes.