Underneath the sky

It was 39 degrees in Cape Town this weekend. The air-con broke down in the office. I was almost slipping off my chair from sweat.

Before work I took a morning walk in Company’s Garden. There was a man sketching. We spoke a little bit. I lay on the grass and watched the doves fly above my head. There was not a single cloud in sight. An airplane flew by. Why do we not lay down on the ground more often and watch the sky? How different our perspectives get when we see things from underneath. Or from above. Maybe that is what I have been doing here in Cape Town, more than before. Up the mountain, into the depths of the ocean.

Yesterday was Lina and Glenn’s last night in Cape Town and we thought it would be a good idea to catch the sunset from Signal Hill. Only, the sky was looking suspiciously dark. We had just taken out the brie cheese and the crackers when the lightening stoke, followed by the cloudburst.

We had picnic in the living room instead.

Today is Sunday and the sky is clear and blue again. I had a brie cheese sandwich with honey and walnuts for breakfast. Me and Sophie are listening to Katie Melua. We have opened all windows and doors for a pleasant breath of air in our 100 square meter flat. Life could be worse.