Are you the river, or am I?

are you the river or am I
do I flow into the sea or do you flow into me
why is it when I try to slake my thirst you disappear
when you try, I appear

you have never stopped calling me
I have never stopped answering you
whose longing elicited this longing in me
whose love buried me in sorrow

I, even I, even as I am
know the loneliness of separation
as sails of clouds, like memories
flee across the windswept sky

you are all that I love, all that I can love
yet how do I love you, know you, know that I love you
when all that you are remains unknown to me
and all that I am is known only to you

I carry within me the grief of all loving
would you be different if I knew you
would I be different – can a flower know
what it means to be a flower

all the silt of my journeying
all the salt of my yearning flows into you
and all longing, every love, all knowing, every loss
everything you are comes to rest in me

Shabbir Banoobhai

(my favourite poem)