Get up and go

With a glimpse in the rear-view mirror, I see Table Mountain arise behind me, with its ridged wall and cloud sheltered crest. I see a million of moments, a billion of breaths, eternal delight.

Yes, I had the best year of my life.

But, it is time for me to start looking through the window pane and pay attention to the road ahead of me.

First, I need a job. Second, I need to make an important decision.

I have been undeniably sensitive and very unsettled since I came home. My friends and family have had to listen to me complain about the present, long for the past and contemplate the future.

I expected to come in for landing. No one said it would be a crash landing.

But here I am anyway, and what can I do, but wipe the dust off from my shoulders, and relocate. I am alive. I am well. And even though my wings may be trembling, I know I can fly.

The question is only, have I got the guts to fly all the way to you?