Breathing life

Isn’t it ironic that when you travel you feel more alive than ever, still people say that being home, is life?

I’ve heard it a lot since I got back from South Africa.

“Well, now you’ve lived a dream life for a while, welcome to the real world”

But I know, that it is not life that changes but us. Life doesn’t stop or takes pauses. It goes on playing, day after day, minute after minute, in the everlasting moment of now.

It’s a matter of how perceptive we are to what is going on.

The flow.

And so I can’t help but smile to myself while I am walking through the deserted town in the late afternoon and as the sky gets darker outside, the lights in the windows of the houses gets brighter. People stay inside. It’s the season. It’s Sweden, most of the year. Their choices. Their lives.

But I’m living like the breath that appears in front of my face.

Inwards and outwards.

It’s amazing the places where life takes us when we go with the flow. Places we never thought we would go. People we never knew we would meet. Changes and opportunities beyond our wildest dreams come true.

And suddenly, years have passed and you look back at your life and say, yes, it was me.

It was my creation.