A million worth of sunrises

Lately, my days have turned into nights and nights into long waken hours. I have rested my eyes on the approaching sunlight instead of my pillow and embraced the rousing sensation of nature, moving into the season of the soon, never setting sun.

Light has returned to my life.

And some might say that as certainly as the sunrise is beautiful, it doesn’t pay the bills. Those people are right. They just miss out on the greatest everlasting miracle happening in front of our eyes every day. I am grateful for all the support I have from my family right now and especially my mother’s patience and love. But how could I explain, this intuition, this faith…that is stirring inside of me.

I feel like I’m on to something and if that means I have to sacrifice a few random, replaceable things (like a job) then I will.

I am myself a little puzzled by how it all happened. I got hired for a job, applied for another, turned down a third, and lost them all in the process. Not that I mind. It is with respect that I smile when the feeling of reassurance and freedom fills up every part of my being.

And some might say that as certainly as freedom is great, it doesn’t pay the bills…

Hence my strategy to win a million on a lottery ticket instead. And fly to Costa Rica this weekend to hike the hills and feel the sand between my toes, and onto Barcelona in June to dance the warm nights away with my best friends and attend every music festival in Europe in July and watch the Sun that makes all this possible.

Because even as a millionaire, the best things in life are free.