Suddenly, the previously naked tree’s buds are blossoming and the air is infused with an anticipating smell of summer. Mother Nature is wide awake and she is colouring the landscape with her favourite crayons; green, blue and yellow. Becomes the palette of the country I live in.

This is spring as I know it.

I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with memories of school graduations and smiling strolls home in the bright, eternal evening.

I move casually along the sites where it all took place.

The hills that looked so much higher. The streets that seemed so much longer. The parties and people and friends and crushes and a growing curiosity of what lay beyond the E4 highway

Oh, sweet nostalgia, you come with a chilly night’s breeze and a sky too bright for stars.

Stars, that I got used to in other places that felt like home.

Nowadays, I whisper Tack before I fall asleep.

I know time is not to hold.