The road less travelled

This is turning out to be an interesting year, after all. I should learn not to judge too quickly.

So far I have spent the first three months of the year in South Africa, the next two back in my home town (complaining about the weather) two wonderful weeks in the States, and probably, as it appears now, I will spend the summer with my brother, in Gävle, and move to Stockholm in the fall. If…nothing else happens that is 🙂 (I can already hear my brother’s “will-you-ever-commit-to-anything-sigh”)

The truth is, I like keeping doors open and as I’ve already told you, I’m a no routine kind of person

Opportunity knocks on the strangest times. It’s not the time that matters but how you open the door

At least now, I have a fulltime job for the rest of the year. That is, if nothing else happens…(can you be in love full time?)

I might seem fuzzy and unfocused, but really, I am just trying my way and I feel this is as an important time in my life as the years when I studied or when I was working in a fancy event agency office. (Why do I always feel that I need to explain everything, anyway?) I guess my family has given up on me.

But I will find my way with the help from my intuitive built-in compass and sense of kindness. I am just trying the off beaten track a little bit, learning from the bumps and occasionally from the bruises.

Besides, how much fun would life be if everything was set on GPS?