Communication and Love

Two corner stones in all relationships, but to build a sustainable, successful partnership, what do you believe is more important?

Let’s start by looking at the correlation between the two.

I think communication is the key to life, as we know it. It is how everything is constructed. How we understand ourselves, and our surroundings. Obviously, there are many different ways of communicating, based on our three parted being; body, mind and spirit. Children playing are communicating in one way, a couple having an argument in another. In the end it’s all the same thing. Knowing ourselves, in relation to another.

Communication WITH love and respect leads to evolvement and growth.

Communication WITHOUT love and respect is what we call miscommunication, and there are too many examples in our society today of what that brings.

Pure love communicates too, loud and clear. It is absolutely transparent and speechless, but communicative nonetheless. Call it a higher, spiritual level if you want, because it is what feels inside and around, that you can not see or touch, and in its right form heals but never hurts.

In each and every person’s life, there are moments when we experience this love, but doubtless most of the time, is spent searching for it. Sadly, the moments seem restricted to a few. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Ella, married to my uncle since 20 years told me something which significance lingered long after we had talked. She said it with such clarity: “Love hurts”. And maybe, I thought, it does, so that we know we are at a point of potential change.

If we learn to communicate even through pain, which ultimately, is a sign of love, then the ship is really taking off.

To answer the initial question I believe communication is possibly more important than love because communication provides a way for love, whereas love without communication is left adrift.

Communication is the reflection on the surface of the sea, so that we know where we are sailing. It’s a way of navigating the partner’s ship, in between the moments of love bliss.

Love makes the impossible possible. But maybe communication is what makes the possible allowable.