…guess it’s been a long time since I told you anything about my current life situation. Maybe because I have been in the process of grappling it all myself, I have not shared that much info with you guys. But I will give you a short up-date.

…find myself in my extra gran, Ursula’s flat on Norrmälarstrand, central Stockholm. She is a lady of 72 and one of my dearest friends. I have written about her on here before. Staying with her is always so sweet and it reminds me of how precious the smell of clean  (do you say mangled in English too?) sheets and grounded, freshly brewed coffee in the morning really is.

…am so lucky!

…have lost track on how many times I have moved to Stockholm, or left this city. I am looking for a cheap but cute studio that can be my home, but maybe, because I already know that place will be left one day too, it is hard to put effort into it. All I really need is a place to lay my hat (and shoes…)

…started working at the supermarket ICA-Aspudden, as a fruit- and veggie manager again. It feels a bit like a blast from the past, but I try not to think about it too much. The truth is, I get paid a whole lot more ordering and filling up watermelon all day, than working in a travel or event agency office. This is what I need right now. I start at six in the morning and I close the store a few nights a week so that’s pretty much where you will find me for the next couple of months.

…do love this city, as much as I hate it.

…still don’t know what I am doing come winter, but that is a later issue. For now, I am happy with a stroll along the water, a bike ride across the bridge to work, a couple of beers with my buddies, going to shows, exhibitions or clubs, picnics in the park at Djurgården or on the cliffs of Fredhäll.

La la la life IS wonderful!

…think I’ll settle with that for now 😉