I’m up in the woods

W.O.W! Yes, the name speaks for itself. The festival had all the right ingredients, like a fresh summer’s drink, stirred with a flashy straw and enjoyed in the company of good friends. The feeling that leaves you bubbly and fulfilled for days.

There was sun. There was rain (and sometimes both at the same time). There was mud, ponchos and rubber boots. There was beer and home made bottled fruit drinks. There were good laughs and great catch up conversations with my friend Stina. There was also an evening at a party boat and some interesting after festival club experience.

But most importantly, there was music.

Standing at the front row when Band of Horses were playing, the late summer sun hit my face and cast a shimmer over the stage and the gleaming guitars. I sang on top of my lungs, stomping my feet to the grassy, folk rock beat.

Minutes after that I found myself captivated by Antony’s weeping Nina Simone-like voice and the philharmonic orchestra’s full unison that painted the night sky clear blue with strings of longing. Antony managed to squeeze every drop of emotion out of the line “I am very happy, so please hit me, I am very happy, so please hurt me”. The girl next to me sobbed but I found that there was a tantalizing expression on his face and smile and a hopeful reflection in his eyes that put me in high spirits.

Ready to rock and roll with Glasvegas. Me and Sandra were singing along and bouncing up and down with the swing of the crowd and the nightfall and the neon lights and the Scottish grateful accent.

On to one of the most artistically illustrated show productions I’ve ever seen – Fever Ray. It was dark. It was suggestive. It was creepy. It was electronic. And it was amazing.

25 000 visitors crammed into the small forest of Slottskogen that weekend. And as we got wrapped up in the music, time seemed to slow down for a few hours. I couldn’t help but think of the text line to Bon Iver’s “Woods”

I’m up in the woods

I’m down on my mind

I’m building a still

to slow down the time