Stray cat looking for a flat

It’s Friday night and I find myself in yet another apartment. Fifth place in eight weeks. Five months in the same suitcase. And still, I have no idea where I am staying after this weekend. Sophie is a sweetheart and she put up with me for one year in Cape Town 😉 but I know it’s different here.

I stayed at my brother’s for a month, on one of those air mattresses (although, I did steal his bed for a couple of hours sleep after he’d left in the morning) I then took the train to Stockholm beginning of July, knowing nothing of this apartment Maria had left me. All I had was an address and a direction for the key under the green doormat. A few days later I dragged my suitcase through the Rålis park, on a warm summer’s night to stay with my gran for a week. She arranged a much nicer Tempur-mattress.

A friend told me her sister was making arrangements to go to the States and I could rent her apartment while she was gone. I had only met this sister once but I agreed and moved in just after. I paid her on a weekly basis since neither of us could make any lengthy commitments. Six weeks I crouched on her couch, until last Sunday she sent me a message saying that she had registered for a three years program of business economics in Stockholm, starting the next day. So, that meant she wouldn’t let out her place. She was kind enough to let me stay the night and the following.

When I once again, dragged that suitcase up the road to my friend Moa who had a mattress all set under her bed, I thought about how strangely the summer had turned out and how little I actually knew about what would happen next.

Tuesday I answered on an apartment ad in Gröndal, a charming quarter tucked in under a bridge, surrounded by water. There is a tram that runs through the main street. My dad grew up in the area and still today my uncle has an apartment there that my cousin now stays in.

The landlord called to see if I was interested. It was only a fifteen minutes walk through the forest from my workplace to the flat so I came right away. I was hooked. It’s a 60 square metres, two bedroom apartment with a large kitchen, a fairly spacious living room and a bathroom with a bathtub (very important). It has been renovated still it’s not overly flashy. The rent is a bit much for a single person but reasonable for two and I have a few girl friends that I could consider sharing it with. The deal was for six months to start off with, but with hopes for at least a year (longer than that, there is not a chance I’ll be staying in Stockholm)

I signed the papers Thursday.

So, after being homeless for three months I now find myself being the one looking for a roomie. The landlord agreed to pay half the rent though, for two months, if I just let him know if I go away for a weekend so that he can use one of the bedrooms and take time to visit his daughter in town. I figured since I’ll be living off of his stuff there is nothing I’d be concerned about and agreed.

The only question now is where I will live for the next four weeks until I can move in…but I’ll figure it out. I always do – with a little help from my friends!

Thank you, you are my world!