Expressions that make impressions

Feeling: Light, fresh and breezy, delicately indecisive, like leaves dancing on treetops. Slowly changing into autumn outfit, behind eyelids of recognition. Soon I will twirl to the ground. But today, I am up in the air.

With Moths Wings on my back and Passion Pit in my headphones I jog around Kungsholmen. Set to take off but don’t really know where to. So I stay.

And have coffee with George. He always has some juicy gossip and crazy story to tell, from his latest wild night in Bangkok or Berlin. But his lover lives out in the country with four New Foundlands and a garden. How long can love make us cross bridges?

I went to the movies with Sophie and Sevan yesterday. It was of course my idea to go see the praised, arty, low budget Swedish production, “Man tänker sitt” (“Burrowing” in English – Oscar look out)

I was mesmerized and still today, the solemn emotion and nature of the film lingers in me.

Do I need to say that I loved it? Do I need to mention that my friends didn’t?

Financial Times wrote in February:

Henrik Hellström and Fredrik Wenzel’s hypnotic Burrowing, in the Forum section, attempts to plant the spirit of Thoreau’s Walden in Sweden’s Metroland. Scenes of bizarre back-to-nature lyricism punctuate the tale of a growing boy: lots of mud-sloshing and tree-hugging at the secret heart of a suburban world where forests are things that usually end up in Ikea catalogues. Pantheism is alive and well, at least in some defiant souls.

In a tale of the suburban versus the sylvan, prologue by a Thoreau quote, a new kind of cinema grows before our eyes. There is barely a plot, merely the movements and voice-overs of three or four vary-aged characters, choreographed near-abstractly as “children of life” midway between nature and nurture. It is lyrical, mysterious, dazzlingly photographed and, in every sense that cinema can bear, poetic.

DN’s Helena Lindblad made a perfect review that you can read here.

Expressions that make impressions.

Thinking: Maybe I should write a book, after all…