Blowing in the wind

Did I tell you that I love wind? Did I tell you that September is my favourite month of the year? Do you know why? Because it reminds me that I belong close to mountains and ocean. Today there was almost a hint of ocean in the city air. I closed my eyes and thought of the winter walks along Sea Point. The feeling when the ocean crashes against the shore line casting a spray of water up the boardwalk. Oh, and the salty smell. I wish I could hold the air in my lungs forever.

It reminds me of when I was little. My dad lived on the west coast in a small house he rented on a man’s farm. One Christmas my dad had caught a lobster. I pat its jagged back and sealed claws before we boiled it alive. Today its shell is pinned on a board hanging on my dad’s living room wall. Speaking of my dad he is here in Stockholm visiting this weekend and yesterday me, him and twelve friends from the Cape Town crew met up for dinner.

The Lebanese restaurant had the best meze buffet ever: halloumi, hoummos, pita bread, tabbouli, falafel, olives, spinach pastry thingy, garlic marinated tiger prawns, couscous and God knows what…it was so good I made sounds with every bite. What was more fantastic was that my friend Paul from South Africa also is visiting for the weekend. The evening before we were at an outdoor terrace with rain pouring down the roof top and an African band playing inside. Then there was reggae. So much for showing him Sweden.

This weekend is all about friends and family. It just so happens that my brother, one year older than me, and my sister, nine years younger, also are in town. Think I’ll take them to Vinterviken tomorrow and the garden café where I’ve become somewhat of a regular.

My status of living is that I sleep on Ida’s couch in Solna. I wasn’t that familiar with the northern parts of the city and had no idea that the subway, the commuter trains and the buses all run from different places. I’ve been late for work every day. What’s even funnier is that I went down the wrong subway last week when I was still living with Sophie. I stood there for a minute before I realized: I’m not on the red line anymore! With a slightly embarrassed smile I shook my head to this whole situation, and changed to the green line.

It is definitely fall. My last swim for the season was at a friend’s summer house in the archipelago. At 5.45 in the morning when everyone else was still snoozing the beer off I saw the sun rise from the cliffs and said goodbye to the summer and a thanks, no matter how strange it all turned out.

I still don’t understand a God damn thing. Maybe I never will.

Maybe the answer

is blowing

in the wind…