Face-lifted reality

A colleague and a friend of mine had read a post from this blog that appeared on a Facebook link. He said: You make it sound like your life is super exciting and interesting, when really I know you just fill up fruit all day.

I thought it was such an honest comment and he is right of course. Writing has a tendency to face-lift reality. But at the same time, reality holds so much more than writing can ever capture.

Does it sound like I beautify my life? Maybe it does to some people. But isn’t blogging really about expressing a part of us that we don’t demonstrate to people in our daily lives? A peek through the key hole of our minds. So many people blog these days, it seems to be the modern kind of reality show, except now you can narrow your attention to the person or topic that you really are interested in. And you don’t need to watch bumping duvets.

Sometimes, I find it funny that I am one of these blogging people. I’ve always been pretty much an open book when it comes to thoughts and feelings, but that I’d write my story like this, online, would not have crossed my mind a couple of years ago. And the most crazy and sometimes a bit daunting thought is that I don’t know how the story continues. It writes it self somehow.

You judge if you find it exciting or not. I just fill up fruit.