The ocean and the sky

My dad made a comment on the post below. He said:

I know what we should give Helen for her birthday…a clear blue sky and an open sea!

Well, the sky wasn’t clear blue and the sea wasn’t wide open for me to sail away, but I had my feet in the refreshing water, and its surface blended into the sky, while me and my best friend Madelene stood there talking, for what seemed like a timeless moment.

Should they go back to her boyfriend’s country of Thailand or should they stay in Sweden? Should she follow her dreams and pursuit a career in photography or should she settle with something that would pay better? Where should their children grow up?

All these questions, we agreed, all these wonders that make no sense at all, but oh, how we wouldn’t change a thing. We smiled and a glimpse of the girl I’ve known for 20 years glittered on the horizon.

There was a lot to talk about during the two hours walk, mostly from my side. I filled her in on the travelling, the jobs I’d started and quit, the summer that happened, the suitcase I’d dragged around staying on different couches. And of course, all the feelings, the lessons, the love.

It helps to talk. Not because you have a wonderful, supporting friend that listens, but because you realize so much, when you speak the truth out loud.

Like me and Maria a few weeks earlier, when we shared a bottle of wine and I told her; he is right, and I hate that he is right.

What we tell others is what we tell ourselves.

What we do for others, we do for ourselves.

What someone else needs,

is often, what we ourselves need.

We reflect in each other,

like mirrors,

like the ocean and the sky.