Logistically managing my life


Logistics is the management of the flow of goods, information and other resources, including energy and people, between the point of origin and the point of consumption.


After living in the same suitcase for four months it was time for me to go home, drop off my summer clothes and pick up the autumn wardrobe.

I caught the train Friday straight after work. Ran to the subway of course, anything else would be unlike me. But I had time to run into a bakery for three loafs of Danish sour bread that my mom loves. I made it just in time for my train to Hudiksvall and fell asleep, nodding my head from side to side. Got home around seven at night where my mom greeted me on the train station; anything else would be unlike her.

We had oven made chanterelle (Kantarell) enchiladas and red wine and she gave me great birthday gifts like these cute mittens from Estonia and Valrhona cocoa powder. She knows me 🙂

My brother came home and we sat and chat for a while before I crashed in my bed. The morning after we had breakfast together and I went for a walk to the empty beach with my friend. Later on, my granma, uncle and cousin came for dinner. They talked about so and so and small town stuff I am frankly not that interested in. Once in a while I could see my mom would look at me and understand.

It’s hard to explain sometimes, when you have one foot in your home town, your mind in another city and your heart somewhere else.

Talk about logistics…

Today, my best friend Fredric’s son got baptised, in the garden of their new house in the country. Little William got water on his forehead and we sang a psalm. Everyone was very careful not to sing too loud. Anything else would be un-Swedish.

After the traditional coffee, cake and gifts I caught a ride to another family house. I changed clothes and got comfy on the couch with Frida, Andreas, their son Mio and the dog Kira.

It’s good to be home, when home is where my friends are.

I’ve arranged for yet another friend that travels with a car to take some of my moving boxes and keep it at his place until I get my own apartment.

Myself, I take the train back to Stockholm tomorrow, early morning and will go straight to work.

Stressful, some might say, but I think I’m managing pretty well.