Can you see my (orange) aura?

I have developed a growing interest in spirituality, or maybe awaken some of what I used to have, growing up… makes sense? I don’t know. It seems the deeper we dig, the more we come to realize the well is bottomless.

Anyway, I went to the health and spirit-fair in Stockholm this weekend. My first reaction when I entered was the overwhelming creativity, thoughts and emotions stirring in the room, but I began to stroll around the stands of earth stones and books, tarot card readers and body and mind treatments. I wasn’t all that interested in buying stuff but more just taking things in.

The aura photography stand caught my interest with pictures of blue-red-yellow-pinkish halos around people’s heads. I though why not and sat down myself for a session.

In the blink of an eye a man had taken my picture and I was waiting for the result – the first actual view of my energy field.

It came out orange. Orange. All around me. Nothing else.

First I was disappointed. Why did everyone else have all kinds of different colours? That seemed much more complex. But the man that explained and interpreted my picture said;

You have a gift – orange is the colour of healing. You are healing yourself as well as others. It is also a colour of creativity, independence, joy and abundance. You give a whole lot, he said, but maybe you haven’t discovered how to focus your energy yet and that can leave you feeling drained. And there seems to be something unfinished…broken somewhere. He said that he saw turquoise and blue which I was happy to hear represented responsibility and wisdom.

I walked off with my picture, knowing that the aura is a gathering of energy around us and that it changes so whatever there was now will change, and change again. But it can always tell us something about our present state.

And my present chunk of orange had me thinking. Maybe I am making up for something by giving so much? Maybe I have placed all my attention on something outside of myself, when I should have been looking inwards? Inwardsun, right? How is it shining these days? Surely, I have been more of a rainbow before and in harmony, in green, blue and in clear white. But now there was orange, a healing process.

There was an elder couple I sat next too while eating lunch and without knowing this, the man looked at me and asked if I worked with healing. With a smile I said no. He said he believed I should, but that I should also go see a medium to take care of unfinished business in my past life.

As fascinating as it all sounds, I think I have enough with my present life at the moment.

What I did decide to do though, was to find a body treatment that I believe in, to start taking care of my back problem. I have a strong belief in the connection between body and mind, the physical and mental relationship. I instantly connected with the man giving bio-magnetism treatments, using kinesiology and muscle testing to find the keys. I trusted him completely.

We didn’t have to say much, he found the spot on my back by simply letting me answer questions while testing how my muscles reacted.

He then put a tiny magnet on the spot and told me this would balance me out. I am supposed to leave it there for a week. Before he let me go, we did an exercise on release of mental blocks. While he tapped certain points on my face and hands he had me repeat:

I am strong and whole. The pain I feel is just a product of my thoughts. I am ready to let go of these thoughts. I will feel no more pain.

Healing or not, I know I have that ability or faith. And when I stood up after that session I took the first deep breath in a long time, without the knot I have been carrying.

It is a first step but a big one.

Orange is a cool colour.