Let’s make green

I told you before I needed to balance this whole spirit searching with simple and plain laughter. So when my girlfriends called to ask if I wanted to go for drinks I was already out the door.

Two-three-four glasses of cava, rum drinks and champagne later, we were giggling and joking about the “aura” of the hotel bar and how “blue” everyone seemed.

Andrea came up with a really good pick up line:

You are blue and I am yellow. Let’s make green.

Cracked us up.

We continued into the city’s posh area, with the same light spirit, reminded again of why Stockholm night life might just be the worst in the world.

With long queues to get into every place we made an attempt at the V.I.P. section.

– Sorry, misses, I don’t recognize you.

– You don’t? we laughed. I know I am wearing a hat and my hair has gotten longer, but it’s me.

– You are not regulars here, I am sorry, the man said gravely.

– Well, of course we’re not, we continued. We have better things to do than hang around here two, three times a week!

We had better luck outside Berns.

After just ten minutes of freezing uncertainty the rope went aside and we were let in to play with the cool kids.

That is was already 2 a.m. and that the drinks cost a fortune was not a main concern to us then. That you couldn’t order a bottle of beer and that the music sucked was. Plus I was getting tired. I usually get up around 5. Ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in eight years.

My ramblings about auras must have left him thinking I’ve become a lunatic since then.

But I was just drunk.

I cured the hangover with a brisk walk along the water today with Maria. With shaky knees we popped into a Salvador Dalí exhibition at the Modern museum where she had entrance to a lounge with free goodies and sparkling (water). We continued to the cobbled stone area of the old town and had spinach soup at a really cosy and warm café. I went to the gym to sweat out the last bit of alcohol, prepared a pesto marinated tofu salad with almonds and sundried tomatoes and finished off with a big cup of hot chocolate and lots of whipped cream.

I think I am back on track again 🙂