A day in the blogosphere

This is what happens in the blogosphere:

  • You open your laptop and go to your usual pages
  • You peek into your own blog, hello me…
  • You check for comments (always a pleasure) and feel amazed by the number of visits (always a wonder)
  • You consider writing a post, but can’t find anything to write about
  • You knock on your “blog friends” doors
  • You have a cup of tea while they tell you what they’ve been up to
  • And about some other cool and inspiring person
  • You go see them
  • While you are there, you see that someone else has left a note in the hallway, so you start to read…
  • You are reminded again how small this village really is

The village of like minded people, in the big city of thoughts, in the great world of free expression.

  • Now you can write what you would have liked to have written
  • Because in the blogsphere the doors are always open for thoughts to travel from house to house

Note: See next post for clarity