Glüwein – why not?

I slept well in my satin sheets, thank you. I woke up a few times during the night gazing out the window…at the stars, the Big Dipper (Karlavagnen) almost dipping over…the pond beneath glistening in the early morning light…my whole room lit up and whoops, time to go to work…I heard my room mate close the door and leave.

After nine hours of filling up fruit, ordering veggies, chatting to costumers, slicing cabbage and arranging Halloween pumpkins, walking home, in the crisp, chilly evening did me good.

My head felt just as clear as the air. My nose was cold and probably a little rosy, adding to the picture of someone with an oversize hat and long scarf walking firmly through deep piles of fallen leaves in a landscape of soon to be, naked trees. I took a deep breath and watched it slowly form into a ghost in front of me.

Mr Winter is waking up and taking out his snow costume.

It won’t be long before frost.

So I figured, glüwein was in order. I love its spicy ginger, clove and cinnamon sweetness. I put enough for a cup to heat on the stove and helped myself to some of the guy’s whisky to spice it up just a little bit more…

When Micke got home I was on my third cup. Luckily he helped me finish the bottle.

I helped him find a costume for his Halloween party: My silky, black 50’s dress. I told him it would totally work with lots of dark, freaky make up and a wig. There we have it; the trashy transvestite look!, we laughed, while he flexed his muscles and spun the skirt around. We don’t know each other that well yet, but I feel comfortable here.

Glüwein has that effect.