If not for results, then for character

The leaves have almost completely fallen off the trees around the pond I see from my window. The wind has forced even the most unwavering ones to surrender and now they lay gathered in piles on the sidewalk, moldering.

Change is inevitable.

As it gets colder outside, doors open for me and I step inside the warmth.

So happy I moved in.

I have laughed more than I can remember laughing in a long time. I have cooked food with excitement and creativity. I have served and been served. I have sat by a dinner table again, enjoying wine and easy conversations. I have watched movies on a on big screen TV and episodes from Navy Seals. I have woken up from early morning after parties and I have come home to find groups of guys hanging out watching soccer and eating pizza. There has been music around me again.

Guys are so easy going.

If you clear the table for a guy he will say thank you when a girl would excuse herself.

If a guy puts Bruce Springsteen at the loudest on the stereo he’ll expect you to tell him to turn it down if you want it quiet. But until you do, he’ll just enjoy the music.

Micke and I get along amazingly well. Tomas is only home for a weekend once in a while, but he is super sweet too. They are both nice to be around.

No fuss.

I will post more pictures soon, I promise. But now, I’m off to the gym. Micke says that if not for results, then for character.

Maybe the best guidance I’ve ever been given.