First snow and a show

The first snow has fallen. Mixed with rain and soon to be splashed around the highways. Traffic chaos. People rushing to the subways in wet coats and boots. Winter in Stockholm sucks.

Oh, give me endless snowfall. Give me snow caves and goose feather overalls. Give me snow scooter rides on the frozen sea. Give me minus 10 degrees on a crystal clear day. Give me the sparkling snowflakes ray.

Or give me this.

I was so warm inside yesterday at Elin Sigvardsson’s show. She was amazing and beautiful and cool and her new songs are more catchy and bluesy than before. Such a great vibe! But her final, stripped down version of “If I” struck me straight to the core…

“I get nothing done as the sun moves up and down without you…”

Micke and I had a few Nils Oscar beers and Indian take out before going to the venue.

Such a great beer!

The next picture is taken in the cable car that goes from up the hill, down to the subway. It’s pretty silly because walking takes four minutes and the car crawls at a snail’s pace down the cable while people sit awkwardly silent for two minutes which feels like an eternity. But when it’s freezing outside, I guess it’s worth it.

For those in warm, sunny places right now; keep cool.

For those that’s not; get hot.

This is Elin. Such a great mix of both!