Sick and/or tired

I know this feeling.

Sore throat, swollen tonsils, head ready to explode, body aching…

Shit, I’m getting sick.

Or I am just very tired.

So tired I didn’t hear the alarm this morning but still woke up 15 minutes before 6, stepped into the clothes on the floor and was a work not much later than usual.

As I walked the short path to work I listened to the sound of the city waking up. Lights were being turned on in the kitchens. Bouncy dogs were let out to sniff the wet morning grass. Someone was running for the bus. Me, I was observing the surroundings with eyes half open and mind half asleep.

Until I got my coffee I was no fun at all.

I’ve been working long hours many days in a row now and I think the exhaustion is slowly catching up on me. So are the thoughts.

It’s Christmas in a month…

And soon, this year is over and a new one begins.

I know this feeling.