Is it me or are there suddenly more babies around? I seem to notice them more than before…

I think probably since about half a year the thought of children have began to cross my mind more frequently. I’ve always known I am supposed to be a mother and I am looking forward to the day when the time is ready. It is by no means in the nearest future, but still my head is getting used to the idea. I guess it’s only natural.

I guess it’s biological. Tic, tac…

I guess it is because more of my friends are becoming parents these days than travelling around the world. Even the least likely ones, like my girl friend from back home who used to be the typical single party chick. We were crawled up in Bibbi’s couch when she dropped the bomb and announced that she was pregnant. She has changed a lot in the last year and gotten very serious with her boyfriend so it wasn’t that unexpected.

I found myself looking at her in awe while she spoke of mood swings and physical changes and then I saw it; the glow of a pregnant woman.

She had never been more beautiful.

Speaking of children, I’ve been hanging out with Frida and her son, Mio, 18 months. He is a cool kid. Easy going and a lot of fun!

We went to Junibacken, Astrid Lindgren’s museum. She was the author of Pippi Longstocking and basically every Swedish traditional children story that I grew up with. The sound of her voice is as familiar to me as my own grandma’s. Mio is too young to appreciate the awesomeness of the museum but he liked the story train almost as much as me, Frida and Beatrice did.

At work there are kids around all the time. I hear them talk with their parents and I smile at their cleverness and wonder if I will truly realize the greatness of those moments, when those children are my own.

I will be travelling the world first. But I will be a mother one day. And I hope I will glow.