Salsa success

Don’t you just love good complementary food?

The matches made in heaven.

Brie cheese and fig marmalade…

Honey coated crispy walnuts in a juicy pear salad…

Peanut butter on Granny Smith apples…

Chocolate fudge cake served with fresh raspberry sauce…

Please make me stop!

I had a perfectly ripe mango lying around so I came up with this:

(And if you’re into fresh coriander, you’re in for a treat)

1 perfect mango, cut in cubes

1 small red onion, cut finely

10 or so of good cherry tomatoes, cut in small bits

1 hand full of chopped fresh coriander

1 hand full of chopped fresh parsley

Slice and dice everything and mix carefully together. You won’t need to add anything else!

I served the salsa with red curry marinated grilled chicken filet, bulgur and a dip made of equal parts of feta cheese and crème fraiche mixed with a spoon of mango chutney.

Yes. It was delicious.

In fact, it was so good when my friend Peter called I told him it was the kind of food you would want to impress someone with. 30 minutes later Micke came home after a week of working in Prague. First thing he said was that he was tired of heavy Eastern European food.

I got to impress him with my salsa.