Socializing Sunday

It’s the first Sunday of Advent.

The hundreds of glowing stars and candles lit up the city in its other so grey and foggy disguise.

I woke up with an after taste of cocktails and a red wine reminder hammering in my head. Micke was already up clearing away the bottles and glasses from last night.

The sun was out and about too, reflecting an eccentric gold shimmer on the roof tops that illuminated the under surface of the clouds that were moving in.

A friend of mine was out taking pictures down by the pond and I told him I’d come down and join him for a walk while the sun was still shining.

I suggested we’d walk over Västerbron for one of the best views the city has to offer. But as we got closer to the bridge, the fog grew thicker. It was almost surreal to see the city’s outline disappear, walking over an indefinite bridge into the haze. We stopped by my favourite café Bagel Deli for tea in their red velvet couches. Next thing we knew four hours had passed by.

I felt boosted by energy from our talk but still, the tiredness from a late night out reminded me that my body needed rest. I walked slowly up the hill, looking forward to a relaxed evening with a book.

But no.

It’s Champions League (I mean, El Clásico – of course) and pizza night in the house, followed by as much ginger bread cookies and glüwein you can have with a hang over.

Oh, how can you complain when they are this cute?