Bon Voyage Dad!

I’ve arrived at my new short-term home, curled up in the couch, with Neil Young and a glass of Jesper’s less pricey wine to keep me company.

And early tomorrow morning I am taking the subway to work.

At the same time my dad is taking the train to the airport, before his fifteen hours flight to Cape Town.

It was a year ago now that he came to visit me while I was there working for a travel agency. I wrote a post about my father followed up by a comment:

Inwardsun on November 18, 2008 at 7:22 pm:

Yeah, it is different to see your parents from another angle. My dad was so taken by Cape Town he is thinking about moving down here, opening up a café or a restaurant. Funny, with all my talk about following your heart and dreams, I have caught myself being unsupportively rational and boring. Who would have thought, my dad would be the one to challenge my ideals and put me on the spot? I will let you know what happens…

Well…to let you know what happened; he won’t be opening a café (just yet)…but he will be staying there for three months volunteering for a project with street kids in the townships.

It’s been a journey just to watch this idea emerge and actualize, with the process of him, with his limited finances, saving up money, auctioning out old furniture, renting out his house, finding a replacement at work so he could take time off, applying and being granted a scholarship from the union, signing up for an English course, losing weight, buying a backpack and getting in touch with locals, and many of my friends.

I’ve helped him with the ticket arrangements, I’ve answered tons of his questions, I’ve been there as technical and moral support.

But this is his work!

And I am so proud of him!

Bon Voyage …pappa!