Hello’s and goodbye’s

I’m moving again tonight. Green line to Medborgarplatsen. Did you really think I would stay?

I would if Jesper hadn’t asked me to look after his place for two months while he goes travelling in South America. I would stay with the guys, in the roomy apartment with the amazing view, if it wasn’t for the fact that Jesper’s place is right in the chilled Sofo area of Stockholm with my favourite music store around the corner and plenty of opportunities to check out good shows and Christmas markets.

It’s a good deal because it’s super central and I get the flat to myself, although I must admit it’s been nice to share house with people. Cooking together in the open kitchen. Brushing our teeth in the washrooms next to each other (yes there are two) talking with toothpaste in our mouths.

Saying hello’s and goodbye’s…

What am I crying about, I’ll be back in February.

So will the girl that used to stay here before, Hanna. She has been hanging around the house a few days now and she is super nice, amazingly beautiful and smart. I think we will all get along well for that month. We haven’t made any plans after that. We’re talking March and what do I know of March…I hate March.

Nothing turned out the way I thought this year. Nothing.

Every plan I had changed like capricious weather on a wide open sea. I had to adjust my sails with each new wind and I felt my compass spinning completely around the clock in no direction at all for quite some time.

My ship seemed lost at sea

Until I discovered, I hadn’t been taking care of the captain in me.

So that is what I am doing now. Taking care. Taking charge of my ship. Accepting the fact that I can’t control anything or anyone, but myself. There is still so much I don’t know, that I might never know, but this;

Passion remains within me, but for now, I am both resting and moving in reason.