Sunday I invited some friends over for a glögg gathering.

It was a foul and rainy dark evening but inside my little flat the world was warm and comfy.

The mulled wine was kept warm on the stove, the ginger bread cookies with blue cheese went really well with the pear marmalade that Fredric brought, the saffron sponge cake was yummy and the ginger and lemon infused chocolate was delicious.

I really hadn’t expected gifts but Sophie came with the cutest little glass angels and winter tea from the Christmas market in Copenhagen. Bibbi, Lito and Moa gave me a golden Moroccan style tray with candles. Emma contributed with crackers for the brie, Beatrice brought candy, Patrik and Pontus came with Julmust (a Christmas soda) more glögg and chocolate.

After they had left I sat in the couch and tasted the sweetness of having been surrounded by such good people. In a thank you note, Fredric wrote: good people have good friends. Well, in that case they make me good.

I guess it’s like the old 90’s song from New Radicals: You only get what you give.

The place is so much emptier now.