#1. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Artist: Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver

Album: For Emma, Forever Ago (the most beautiful album title ever?)

Country: USA

Released: Three times. Self-released in July 2007, in February 2008 on Jagjaguwar label and in May 2008 on 4AD

Web/reviews: Metacritic Reviews

Favourite Tracks: Flume, Lump Sum, Skinny Love, The Wolves (Act I and II), Blindsided, Creature Fear, For Emma, Re: Stacks

I can’t listen to this album without feeling the reminiscence of a paper cup of a “double mucho meia” coffee in my hand, walking down Long Street in the early bright morning, hearing the “howzit sista?” from the locals as I pass by smiling at another sunny day in Cape Town.

This is a totally subjective introduction to this album and says nothing about what the songs really are about or sound like. In fact, the tone of the album is set in a cold, harsh winter landscape in Wisconsin. But to me, the songs will always wrap around those reflective days in the Cape.

I am in love with this album, now, just as I was then.