#2. The xx – xx

Artist: The xx

Album: xx

Country: England

Released: August 2009

Web/review: Metacritic Reviews

Favourite tracks: Intro, VCR, Crystalized, Heart skipped a beat, Infinity, Night time, Stars

I had not read or heard anything of this band before every street wall of my area was covered in their very Pirate-like black and white X poster. I didn’t have a chance to get a hold of the album before their Stockholm show on the 19th of January was sold out. Checking in on the website I just saw that the organizers had made extra room in the venue because of the pressure for tickets, although this section was behind glass…and who would want that?? No, instead, I am considering taking two days off work to take a trip down to Malmö to catch them playing there. I have a feeling it will be worth it.

Because, this album clearly qualifies as the best 2009 debut album!